i’m in love with my mechanic.

As mentioned here Danny is super handy. Cars, homes, electronics – you name it, there’s a good chance he can fix it. He spent the majority of Sunday working on my car. The tools were out, the car was jacked up, the music was on and the air compressor was going all day. I have no idea what he fixed or how he fixed it, but I’m thankful he did it and even more happy that he actually enjoys it.

Th100°+ temperature made the garage miserably stuffy. D absolutely earned his Sunday night pizza, beer and Boardwalk Empire, the new HBO series he’d been looking forward to for weeks.

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  • Reply September 21, 2010

    Erica Newton

    Holy Crap! How did he learn to do all this handywork?! I see some print outs- but Jeez! What a score with him, Teri!

    Any update on the VW he is gonna fix up? My vote is the Camper Van.. awesome.

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