my favorite time of year.

It’s official. I love spring. Everything about this season makes me feel happy and rejuvenated.

Over the weekend, I decided to embrace and enjoy every little bit of spring we get here in Phoenix. Sadly, it won’t be here for long. Phoenix temperatures are expected to hit 97 by Friday. It was a wonderful, sunshine filled weekend so I decided to snap photos of the things that mean spring for the Tings!

{new yellow kitchen window curtains and big blooming trees}
{the soothing sound of our wooden elephant windchime on the patio}

{hunter rolling around in the cool grass after a long morning walk}

{my flower bulbs that are actually blooming}
{the french doors open from morning ’till night}
{new shades of pastel nail polish}
{our beach cruisers parked inside and ready to go}
{making summer-inspired accessories in the sun}
{fresh & clean scents}

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  • Reply March 31, 2011

    Erica Newton

    I love this post. Your house is sooo pretty- I love it! I love the new fence, the fact that your bulbs actually bloomed- and that you are crafting away at some new pink electric love daisy headbands (right?) I would love to be there right now!

    I also noticed you were missing an important nailpolish color…

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