frames aren’t just for photos.

have you ever bought a frame and realized you like it so much more without the photo in it? that sometimes, the photo kinda kills the feel of the frame? no? well, it happens to me and i decided to get creative during last weekend’s redecorating spree.

we have a big grooved wood frame but i haven’t found a photo that suits the frame, so i decided to frame a piece of lace and let the wood remain the star of the show. who says the photo has to be the focal point of a frame?

i love it now.

some other non-photo ideas for frames are scrapbook paper, a piece of awesome fabric, woven ribbons, old newspaper clipping, a ticket stub… the list is endless. plus, some of these are a super easy, inexpensive and low-commitment way to play with new colors and patterns around the house. you could do some really fun stuff with a bunch of white/black/wood frames plus some scrapbook paper or fabric swatches – instant color, texture & pattern. i love the idea of have a few designated “fabric” frames that rotate seasonally.


  • Reply November 10, 2011

    Nicole Marie

    i’ve framed pretty wrapping paper before. but i love this framed lace. such a great idea!

  • Reply November 10, 2011

    Teri B.

    oh! wrapping paper is another great idea.

  • Reply November 10, 2011

    Alicia Doell

    I freaking LOVE this frame/lace combo, Teri!!! I think this calls for another trip to Joanns…

  • Reply November 17, 2011


    i love your blog Teri! I have been a faithful follower ever since Ang sent out a link to last years Tour de Fat coverage…I saved a vintage Valentine that my mother in law had received in grade school and knew i wanted to do something special with it. i framed it over the handmade lace that she made–a way to capture two very special things from her together. i absolutely love how it came out :)

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