reliving magen’s bay, st. thomas.

day one of our trip to the virgin islands (back in january) was spent at the famous magen’s bay – in the water with jenny’s brilliant digital underwater camera… that broke. it was a total bummer not to have it for the rest of the trip, but the real bummer was post-vacation when jenny tried and tried to get the photos off the camera without any luck.

ting told jenny to bring the camera with her to phoenix and of course mr. tech fixed the digi and saved the photos. it was almost more fun getting them a couple months later… like developing an old roll of film and getting to relive the memories. what a freakin’ fun day. the kind of day you wish you could do all over again.

{ting and hot rod}
{ting’s happy as island clams}
{looook at that water}
{the boys shoreside with ALL our gear}
{my raft wasn’t really feelin’ it}
{just chillin’}
{that’s better}
{total framer. the island hoppers ’12}
{the deweys-to-be}
{matteo in his element}
{two of the best}
{hi matt}
{hot rod dance party}
{lezzie love}
{things are startin’ to get rowdy}
{haircuts go tropical}
{yup… things are gettin’ sassy}
{my FAVORITE photo – me and tiff clearly freaked out by the huge pelican that DOVE right behind us (see behind colby) – but not colbs… she’s posed and ready for a photo and some champagne!}
{fabulous three}
{i spy a tropical awkward shake}
{nice shorts ting}
{ocean dance party. bring your own beats}
{colby hogging the bubbly}
{champagne hog}
{stayin’ till the sun goes down}
have a wonderful weekend. 
hope it’s super beachin’.
(bad & cheesy, i know)


  • Reply March 23, 2012

    Jenny F.

    TAKE ME BACK TO ST T. amazing amazing amazing day.

  • Reply March 23, 2012

    Teri B.

    Right? I could stare at these photos all day. We were there. Doing that. Ahhh…

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