okay, so NOW it’s official…

when we got the offer on our house, i was given strict instructions by our realtor, my husband and our escrow agent that i could absolutely NOT say our house was sold until escrow closed and the sale was recorded and final.

well folks, as of a few minutes ago it’s official…

adios, arcadia.
we’re closing the red door & the tings officially downtown dwellers.

we’ve been craving a change and we got one.  
it is pretty surreal to think that we’ll probably never walk in that house again. 


  • Reply June 21, 2012

    sea to shining port

    Congratulations!! A new adventure, a new space to make new memories – I love it!! So excited for you guys :)

    - Caitlin

  • Reply June 22, 2012

    La La

    ummm… huntie’s face is absolutely priceless! let’s raise a toast, tings! and maybe some spanx.

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