the gladly phoenix

doubling dan at the gladly.

while sir dan was in town for his monthly work trip to phoenix, we decided to give the biltmore’s newest restaurant a whirl. the…

pizzeria bianco phoenix

a night at the famous pizzeria bianco.

our collegiate amigo and fellow phoenician, mr. scott coffey, has seized an opportunity to move back to his home state of colorado. of course…

two guys on a scooter

the dancin’ dans do seafair.

while i was in napa with the girls, danny flew up to seattle to visit shmer’s husband, dan, who was also in the US from australia….

ethnic fare for four.

after happy hour, nick, angela, d & i decided on indian food for dinner. tempe has a ton of ethnic options – indian, thai,…

big boys polaroid

san diego dinner dates.

as soon as we drove into california, we scooped up our nephew jacob (yes! that’s jake), my little brother steven and headed straight to Sublime…



girlfriends. life’s good stuff.

the friday before i left for my napa girlfriends getaway, i started to well up at dinner with danny. before it even started, i…


oktoberfest: take two.

festive les // teri // weeze // rach do oktoberfest at talking stick fields in scottsdale.pouring one out for mr. woody, alicia’s pooch who…

vintana wine bar

a late night with lacey jaye.

it wouldn’t be a home visit without spending time with miss lacey jaye. we met for a late night drink at Vintana, a place…


because everyone loves puppies.

it’s true. puppies are irrisistable attention hogs. they’re kinda like babies when babies aren’t around. and since none of this crew has babies, we…


recovery day at the spa solage.

the older you get, the smarter you get. not necessarily because your iQ goes up, but because you finally start to learn from past…