handy hubby.

Some of our weekends are fun and relaxing and some are spent getting things done (especially when you remodel a house yourself). This was one of the latter. I did random odds and ends like laundry, organizing the shoe closet and dusting while Danny eh, installed a new range hood and shelf above the stove, climbed into the attic (never mind its probably over 120 degrees up there) to hook-up the hood’s ventilation system, rewired some lights, hung new kitchen cabinets and finished up the drywall in the guest house before I had him do some little things like hang shelves in the laundry room.

Crazy, huh? And this is typical for Danny. Weekends like these remind me how very lucky I am to have such a handy hubby. He can honestly do almost anything – diagnose and fix cars, design and remodel a home and do pretty much everything in-between. All you single girls out there… I highly recommend you add “handy” to your list for potential suitors. It really is SO nice (and pretty sexy, too).

For all this hard work he got to pick the dinner spot on Saturday night – we had Mexican. Surprise Surprise.

Our new range hood and shelf above the stove.

The new shelf in my pink laundry room.


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