homemade iced coffee.

I left for work this morning and my car read 91 degrees. Think I’m lying? Look at the time stamp.

Clearly, a hot cup of coffee is the last thing Danny or I want in the morning, but a morning without coffee just isn’t an option.
Bless my mother-in-law Vicky for teaching me an iced coffee trick that we make daily. It takes less than a minute, you get it the way you want, its low-cal, it tastes delicious, saves you money and a trip to Starbucks!

How to make yummy iced coffee:
1. Brew a pot of coffee the night before. (I make it strong)
2. Rinse and empty a milk jug. Recylce!
3. Let coffee cool a bit, pour into jug, place in fridge.
4. In the morning (or when you’re ready for your treat)…

    1. Fill a cup with ice (we just bought these insulated cups from Costco and we’re obsessed. Three cups for $18 with six reusable straws).
    2. Add a Splenda or some flavored creamer of your choice (we use a fat-free, sugar free vanilla creamer and recommend Nestle’s Coffee Mate) and pour the chilled coffee over it.
    3. Stir, and wahla! An iced latte to-go in just seconds.

brew a pot of coffee. recycle a jug & chill. add flavored creamer & ice. stir & enjoy.


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