arizona in july.

I can’t believe it, but it’s the first of July! And what would July in Arizona be without a “heat advisory warning” on the morning news. Yup, temperatures are expected to hit 112+ today with a LOW of 91degrees. Yuck. As my big brother Chris would say, “that’s just wrong.”

I’ve lived in Arizona almost 10 years (crazy) and don’t remember the heat bothering me as much as it does now. A native, Danny agrees that it didn’t affect him as much before… maybe we’re getting old? Now, after about 103+ we find ourselves grouchy, irritable and longing to be somewhere that summer means BBQs, beach cruising, warm nights on the patio and being able to walk the dogs (absolutely not an option for our Frenchies right now).

It looks like July 1 will officially mark the beginning of us spending the majority of our time indoors. At least they keep the movie theaters nice and chilled – we do love that activity during the summer months. In Arizona’s defense, you can’t beat springtime and fall in the desert.

Happy Summer.

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