attack of the killer bees.

This morning, Danny called a bee exterminator to deal with a hive at our rental house. The bee guy said they were the most aggressive honey bees he’d seen. Well, we agree. The swarm attacked and stung Danny, our neighbor and then me – each multiple times. It was quite the scene! Running around, swatting at the bees, one got caught in Danny’s shirt, I got stung in the forehead and then went to leave but there was a bee in my car. Just when I thought I was in the clear I heard the bzzzz again and realized I had a bee in my hair! Ahhh! Danny’s still trapped in the rental house waiting for the swarm to die! And no, there are no photos of this ordeal. Oh boy – never a dull moment.

I don’t know if it was intentional but I had to laugh… as I was fleeing the scene Danny told me to “bee careful” driving home.

I’m now home safe and sound with my Benadryl listening to the rain and thunder with the pigs…

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