back to reality.

We got back to Phoenix late last night and I’m going through my typical post-vacation blues. I always get them. Always. But, they’re extra bad after vacations with my girlfriends. I spend so much time looking forward to the trip and then it’s over in a heartbeat and feels like such a tease… like a sample of froyo when you can’t have a whole cup. May satisfy your craving but leaves you wanting more. I dream of the day when we all live near each other again. Thank goodness we have a girl’s trip on the horizon!

All in all, our vacay was an absolute blast. It was a whirlwind trip through NYC and then a fun few days in DC with Jenny and Matt. The details and lots of photos coming soon… promise.

Tonight, we’re heading south towards Tucson to pick-up the kids. Apparently, Miss Sydney has been super mopey, won’t play or cuddle and isn’t eating – this isn’t like our spunky little girl at all. Hopefully she’ll be better when she’s back home with mom and dad (and then it will be Hunter’s turn to mope – he looooves his Tucson vacations).

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