cankle queen.

We got home last night to find our dear daughter has a cankle (a cankle is when the calf and ankle blend together as one). Worried it may be infected from her non-stop licking of the area since her surgery, we popped her by the vet to get the cankle checked out. I was sure she’d be coming home with The Cone, but Dr. Bracken said because her neck is so big she’d have to get a big dog’s cone and it would be a menace – ha! Add insult to injury – big neck, stitches on the rump, cankles… poor Syd. Apparently, this is normal and she’s on some new meds to help ease the pain of the swelling and the stitches that are inside and out.

I’m lovingly calling her “the cankle queen” – Danny says I’m mean. Love you, Syd!


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