fourth of july.

Traditions are important. Growing up, the Fourth of July was one of the best traditions. Our entire town would head over to Bradley Park decked out in their red, white and blue to set-up blankets, chairs and BBQing supplies to enjoy the perfect Southern California weather. At the park, you’d run around with your friends, check out various community-run booths (mom usually volunteering at one of them) my favorite being the tiedye spinning station (Lacey, remember that?), eat cotton candy, drink hot coco and get excited when the sun started to set because you knew the fireworks were coming soon.

Everyone was there but it was always extra special for our family. Because of my dad’s role in our city, he was in charge of our town’s firework display. Dad took pride in putting on one of the best shows and didn’t skimp on the fireworks. My brothers and I always felt cool because we got to take our friends up to the “launching area” to check out the set-up with the firemen and pyrotechnic guys before the show started. We’d then run back down the hill to lie in the grass as the fireworks went off right over our heads. It was so simple, but it was the best.

This weekend, our little family will be celebrating new traditions. We hope you have a Happy Fourth of July weekend.

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