happy birthday, miss meister.

A big birthday shout out to one of my fave ladies, Miss Tiffany Goodman! Meister and I go way back and she’s absolutely been the source for so many of my belly laughs and i’m-crying-because-thats-so-funny moments.

It may sound cheesy, but its true – Tiff, you’re gorgeous on the inside and out and I know we’ll be laughing together till we’re old and gray. So for fun, I’ve decided to dig up some archived photos from where it all began. There are thousands more where these came from and the memories they brought back are priceless.

Hope you’re spoiled rotten today, Tiff. Ting and I love ya tons and will be celebrating from a distance with a bottle of OneHope! What’s OneHope? OneHope is an amazing wine company that Tiff co-founded. The company donates 50% of each bottle sold back to various varietal-specific charity partners. What’s better than a bottle of wine that supports a good cause? They’re nationwide, so next time you’re at the grocery store, be sure to look for a bottle of OneHope. Happy Birthday!

{golden girls celebrating tiffany’s lucky 07.07.07 birthday}
{alpha phi sorority rush 2004}

{UofA game 2002 – apparently sideways hats were cool}

{revenge of the nerds date dash, 2003}

{all phi’s, no he’s pool party :: august 2003}
{senior bar golf 2005}
{the tiffany happy birthday balloon twin 2004}
{our “spring break” scottsdale 2006}

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