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Fact :: I’m obsessed with Forever21. It’s true. Why? Its cute. Its trendy. Its affordable. And, if you shop it right, it doesn’t look cheap and can last for years. Swear. Oh, and did I mention adorable summer sandals for $7.80? Can’t be that.

Anyoo, during some recent online shopping I saw that The Faux (what we like to call it) has officially launched a maternity line! How perfect is that…  stylish clothes that are totally inexpensive so you won’t feel guilty donating after 9-months (or when you’re done making babies). So, although I won’t be needing Love21 Maternity for a while, I thought I’d pass along for all you hot mamas to check out! Looks like there’s lots more coming soon.

FYI Girls, A Tip :: The store credit only return policy (ugh) doesn’t apply to online purchases. You can return via mail or in-store for your money back. And, free shipping for online orders over $75.

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    Amazing work Teri! I can’t believe this exists. I wish that was around 5 months ago. Who am I kidding … I’m still in maternity clothes. I’ll have to shop it. Thanks for the post.

    – Stephanie

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