le cone.

Syd ripped open a surgery incision again. So, after this fix Dr. B sent her home with Le Cone (“Le” because she’s French, duh).

She hates it. I hate it more.

I thought it would be kinda funny and cute, but it made me feel so awful for her. She was bumping into everything and my heart broke we she ran to use her doggie door (aka her VIP entrance). I left it on her while I ran some errands but took it off the second I got home.

Instead, I decided to keep her preoccupied with a girl’s night… a new plush toy, Trader Joe’s organic chicken chew sticks, take-out for mom, and non-stop petting and cuddling during tonight’s episode of the Bachelorette (we love the home visits). So far, its working. She hasn’t messed with them at all. Now, we just need to keep Hunter and his tongue busy. Cute that he thinks he’s helping – but he’s not.

{do i look like a pug? my ears are smashed.}
{what isssss this contraption?}
{kisses for syd}
{mom! i don’t fit through my private VIP entrance}
{mr. cool and the cone head}
{hunter the ham stretching out to steal some attention}
{yum, those chicken sticks were good}
{the best big brother in the world. um, look at that belly, syd!}


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