road to recovery.

Hooray! Baby Tank’s lab work is back and she’s cancer free! We had a feeling it’d be good news since ever since her surgery she’s been back to her spunky self but its nice to confirm that. She’s in the cone until her stitches come out (Monday or Tuesday) and then hopefully life will be back to normal around The Bockting household.

Danny was in California for work all week so I was playing “single mom” and it wasn’t easy. Between keeping up with all the medicine in the morning and evening, having to let Syd in and out to do her business (since she can’t fit through her door), taking her cone on and off to eat, keeping them separated… etc. etc. etc. I seriously considered calling Dr. B to get a cone for Hunter too to keep his tongue from a distance of Syd’s suture. I think I yelled “Hunter no!” about 600 times. Ugh. (All you moms out there… you rule.)

D got home late last night and got to see Syd and le cone in action for the first time. Ha!

{lil girl milking it during The Hills series finale. she was bored too}

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