the tings in two cities.

…We’re off to NYC and Washington DC!

Both D and I love NYC. Its undeniably one of the best cities in the world and we can’t wait. It’s a short trip but we’ve both been a few times (well actually Danny lived and worked in NYC the summer of 2002) so some of the pressure is off to be uber tourists (although we’re still hoping to cram as much in as possible). Ahhh… we’re both so excited for this trip.

On Saturday, we’re taking the train from NYC to DC to visit some of our fave people, Jenny & Matt who recently moved from NYC (sadly, Wilbur’s delivery was pushed back so we’re not getting to meet him). It’s Danny’s first time to DC so Jenny’s booked us a segway tour to see all the sights and Matt (who’s quite the chef) is grilling for us on Sunday. It’s all going to be hot and fantastic.

And, I’m very proud that I’ve packed a carry on! Gold star for me.


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