healthy strawberry summer salad.

summer salad recipe
If you’re like us, the question of the day is, “what’s for dinner?” It’s just us, so you’d think this would be easy – its not.I have a new found respect for my dear mom who had to plan, cook and please five people (or more since we always had friends and family over) every day. I remember she’d ask what we wanted and we’d always respond with, “I don’t care,” and you could just see the frustration wash over her face. All these years later, I can now relate as I find myself begging Danny to simply have an opinion. Sorry mom for all those, “I don’t cares” – but really, everything you made was so delicious I never had to have an opinion because I always knew it would be good!

So, in case you’re at a loss for tonight’s meal, here’s a super easy, light and refreshing summer salad that we’ve been loving lately. Also, a perfect side for a summertime BBQ.

Strawberry Summer Salad
Spring mix lettuce
Sliced fresh strawberries
Reduced fat feta cheese crumbles
Thinly sliced cucumber
No-salt almond slivers
Red onion
Grilled chicken
A few croutons
Light champagne dressing
Fresh cracked pepper


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