wilkommen zuhause!

…That’s “Welcome Home” in German.

We made a last minute decision to spend the weekend in Tucson with Danny’s parents. They just returned from a three week European cruise with friends that took them from Holland throughout Germany and ended in Vienna. They had an absolute blast and their stories and photos have us majorly craving a Euro trip.

It was a quick visitbut really nice being in Tucson. It was much cooler than Phoenix (only 102 vs 114) plus we had a pool to enjoy – Hunter’s fave part. My favorite part was Saturday’s classic stormy monsoon with loud thunder, lots of lightning and hot desert rain. The best. Oh, and anyone who went to UA will agree that Tucson is home to some of the best food ever. We did Beyond Bread for lunch and authentic Mexican and margaritas for dinner. I tried to get Penguins (fro yo) on our way out of town but the University Ave. location is closed. Sad.

The Bockting’s is like our own private southwestern getaway. Love it.

 {beyond bread :: bart’s bag with honey mustard}


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