do you want to hear a DC story?

… this was the main theme of our DC visit last week.
(our friend Matt was filled with stories for us).

I think it would be safe to say that our priorities on this trip were friends first and tourist sights second. But don’t fret, we still managed to do and see a lot in the ridiculously hot & humid weather – hence the sweaty photos. I love spending time with our friends and getting a glimpse of their lives. Thanks for being great hosts, Pete & Stick!

In Washington DC we…
Did an awesome segway tour – with the slowest segwayers ever.
Shared burgers, pizza, fries, salad & cocktails at Matchbox.
Decided that “martinis & segways” would be a way cooler tour.
Had our photos taken by tourists fascinated by our nifty transportation.
Went to ChurchKey for beers & tots and learned that a Church Key is a bottle opener. Who knew? We didn’t.
Experienced DC college nightlife at SmithPoint, the Georgetown bar.
The Bush twins and others have been know to get in trouble here.
Saw more khaki, polo shirts and preppy gear than any J.Crew store.
Realized the next hipster trend is having a hare on a leash (don’t ask).
Walked through the gorgeous Georgetown campus and classrooms.
Were uber tourists & touched the point of the Washington Memorial.
Did a booze cruise down the Potomac. Well, technically a boat tour.
 We added the classy white zin and chardonnay on ice. In plastic.
Devoured a fantastic home cooked meal by Matt.
Matt taught me how to not burn down a kitchen making onion rings.
Watched an insane afternoon storm roll in and out within an hour.
Enjoyed Matt & Jenny’s adorable back patio, complete with lights.
Took one look at the line at the National Archives – and walked away.
(I did kinda want to see the Declaration of Independence).
Saw thousands of Boy Scouts – it was the 100 year jamboree.
Explored the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
…and laughed our way through a whole lot of Matt’s stories.
Miss you kids. Thanks for an awesome trip. El Sauce.

{the tings on the national mall}

{our nation’s capital on a hot summer day}

{smithsonian us air & space museum}
{boat tour on the potomac river}

{the preppiest brand on earth – vineyard vines}

{matt & jenny’s perfect brownstone walk-up – complete with flag}

{us & abe. the lincoln memorial}

{adorable georgetown}
{my sexy segwayer}
{beer sampling at church key}
{georgetown nightlife at its finest}
{georgetown university campus – beautiful}

{the smithsonian castle on the mall}

{grilling at jenny & matt’s}

{hello obama}

{gotta do it, right?}

More photos in a nifty slideshow (double click to view full screen)…

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