amazing manhattan beach bach weekend.

I’m all about girlfriends. I think I have the best ones. Seriously, I do. The only thing that so many of them lack are Arizona zip codes. This past weekend, a group of us traveled from Phoenix, Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Seattle and Portland to Manhattan Beach, California to spend some overdue time with each other.

The weekend was perfect. Literally perfect. Easy. Fun. Relaxed. I don’t even know where to begin – it was all this and way more.

…some of the highlights…
Being with the girls who know you best.
Perfect California beach weather.
A walking-only weekend. Love that.
(Well, besides our limo ride on Saturday night)
The whole gang meeting Baby Dyllan for the first time.
Spoiling Shmom with a surprise shower and Australian themed quilt made with love from us eight aunties, but especially Lisa who spent countless hours putting it together.
Sipping sangria & swapping stories at Simmzys.
Lisa getting congratulated on her nuptials by Kristin Cavallari.
Getting our hotel room bachelorette ready.
Walking The Strand with a stroller.
Knowing exactly which beach house each friend would pick.
The very dramatic Forbidden Fruit story.
Playing the “husband questions game” – our bachelorette tradition.
Late night “dance” party and fashion/extension show in our room.
Getting ready with the girls (I miss this terribly).
Matching bachelorette tote bags & water bottles for the beach.
Being there for Dyllan’s first day at the beach.
Spoiling our bride-to-be Lisa and seeing her glow all weekend.
Sincere hugs.
Conversations you can only have with your girlfriends.
Listening to the restaurant cheer as bride opened her lingerie gifts.
Limo ride to Hollywood.
Salsa dancing all night at La Descarga.
Mervyn’s Grannys.
Noticing the changes in our conversation topics. Mortgages?
Jaws dropping as Lisa cleared the dance floor with her moves.
Joaquin. Eva. Casey. A-list.
Lunch & beers at Sloopies.
“Cooooongratulaaaaaaatioooons to you…”
Beachside breakfasts.
Smiling so much and laughing so hard your face hurts.
…and much, much more – but you had to be there (wink).

These weekends are the best. They’re so anticipated, always go by too quickly and end with emotional goodbyes and counting down the days to the next reunion. Each trip reminds me how very blessed I am to have so many amazing girlfriends in my life… the kind who know everything about you – and still love and support you. Thanks for a fabulous weekend, girls! It’s one I know we’ll never forget. Miss you all tons.


There are thousands of photos. A small sampling. More to come.


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