ladies brunching.

This weekend, I had the chance to catch up with my girlfriend Stephanie and her adorable little one, Kelsey. I brought the sangria and she provided the brunch and baby – it was great. I still can’t believe some of my girlfriends are mom’s – like, for real moms. Each time I see Steph with Kels it sinks in a little bit more, but I still find myself starring and saying, “I can’t believe she’s yours” at which Steph replies, “yeah, we’re not babysitting right now.” 

Steph is a wonderful mom and I admire how she’s fully embraced this new chapter. She may be a mom, but in my mind she’ll always be Stephanie Rothery – the hilarious girl at happy hour who I rely on for the best advice… which one day will be babies and parenting.

I’m so excited that Steph decided to join the blogosphere to chronicle this new chapter in her life… check out Life As I Know It.  

{could she be more adorable? Kelsey at almost 7 months old}
{aunt teri! enough with the flashing camera!}

{summertime brunch. sangria for us – smashed peas for her.}

{look, i can stand}

{teaching kelsey it stick out her tongue. she actually kinda did it}
{mommy and daughter}


{logan going crazy to get some attention}

{watch out, i’m a crawler on the move!}

{look at those big blue eyes and tiny little teeth!}


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    You are amazing. Simply, amazing. Kelsey and I had THE BEST time with you today. I can’t believe Logan was such a spaz. Thanks for being such a great friend and an important part of our lives. PS – Ryan’s found the Sangria. Watch out.

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