le french tote.

Last night, Danny and I were talking about how good Hunter’s been with everything being about Sydney lately. It’s like he just knows that Syd needs extra love right now. However, like any kid – he’s been doing just about anything for attention from mom and dad… jumping around like a clown, barking at random things, making funny faces, and being extra cuddly to remind us that he’s here and super cool. His antics have been cracking us up.

Its really not so bad for him considering every time Syd gets her pill in an extra treat, or special wet food, or homemade ground turkey and rice food – he does too. We think he’s kinda secretly loving this.  

Well, something that’s not all about Syd is my new tote bag! How amazing & cute is this? Hunter and I think it’s rad. I’m so proud to carry it… looks just like my little prince! Yes, that’s a crown on him.

{want one of your pooch? i got it on etsy from the craft pantry}
P.S. Syd is going back in today or tomorrow for bloodwork. Her energy level is up, she has a big appetite and is looking less sickly, so we’re banking on good news. We’ll officially know soon… stay tuned.  

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