off to lala land.

We’re headed to Los Angeles this weekend and I’m SO excited. Why? Because it’s a long-overdue, girls-only trip to Manhattan Beach with my college girlfriends. Shmer is bringing along Baby Dyllan so the whole group can meet her and we’re celebrating our dear Lisa’s Bachelorette Party! Woo Hoo! Lots of fun, sun, cocktails and catching up in our immediate future.

While us girls are doing our thing, Danny and some of the other girls’ husbands, fiances’ and friends will be running around LA together. Love how that works out. Oh! And the boys are on “Dyllan Duty” on Saturday night… how cute is that going to be? Four men and a baby….

D and me love LA and a trip to lala land wouldn’t be complete without spending some time with our Jared. The three of us are thick as thieves and always (well, most always) have a great time together. Such a nice guy, Jared happily let’s us take over his condo and plays chauffeur every time we’re in town. I just wish he could deliver me some A-list celebrity sightings once in a while. Do you think this guy counts?

“just the three of us…”
(sing to the tune of the will smith song)
{road tripping up the california coast :: december 2009}

{just the three of us}

{somewhere near big sur, california}

{monterey bay aquarium} 
 Quinnster, you’ll be missed. 


  • Reply August 19, 2010


    finally, took forever to get a mention!

  • Reply August 24, 2010


    If I didn’t get mentioned, I would have boycotted this blog…

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