pins & needles.

Danny and I are really getting a dose of “parenthood worry” these past few weeks with Sydney. Last night, we were talking about how we can’t imagine what parents go through when their children are sick. Of course, we think of Hunter and Sydney like our son and daughter, but know that with a biological child the worry is probably magnified tenfold… The waiting for a diagnosis, the constant research, wondering if you’re doing everything you can, staying up late worrying, watching them sleep just to make sure they’re okay – the whole bit. In fact, Danny pulled out his sleeping bag and slept on the floor with Syd in an effort to keep her from jumping off our bed (i love my husband).

On Tuesday, we met with a new vet (recommended by friends), Dr. Rosonke, and had a wonderful experience. Sydney was greeted by name before we were (which any parent loves) and was treated like a princess. We spent more than two hours with Dr. Rosonke who had gone through all her records, asked tons of questions, thoroughly checked Syd out and we felt genuinely cared about helping our little girl, making sure all of our questions were answered and we never once felt rushed.

I won’t get into all of the technical stuff, but the good thing is we’re starting to narrow down the long list of “could be’s” to a shorter list (our current focuses are her Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia which isn’t getting better despite the blood transfusion plus the new mysterious issue with her back legs not working properly). We’re hopeful that we’re getting closer to a diagnosis – and more importantly, a cure.

Syd was a champ as she had x-rays done which showed that her discs and spine are good (phew), had an ultrasound (yup, on her back with the gel on her tummy and everything – she loved it and completely fell asleep) that revealed her spleen is three times the size it should be, had more blood work done, a urine sample extracted, etc. etc. etc. (i kinda wish i had photos, but it was the last thing on my mind at the time.)

Since her appointment, Dr. Rosonke has been e-mailing and calling Danny on a regular basis with updates and theories. Both vets are stumped and see Syd as a bit of a medical mystery right now. Danny’s going back with her tomorrow for some additional testing and to hopefully discuss the results of some special labwork we’re waiting on…

Think good thoughts for our baby tank.

{an oldie but a goodie. one of my favorite photos of the kids}


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