get your yelp on!

Do you Yelp? If you don’t, you should. Yelp is a fabulous & free online review source for just about anything. Looking for a $-$$ Mexican restaurant for a date night in Phoenix? Need a wedding make-up artist in San Diego (how I found mine)? Want a wine bar downtown? Yelp reviews will provide you with real and honest overviews and photos based on a 1-5 Star consumer rating. We use it all the time both at home and on vacation. When you only have a couple nights in a new city, it’s great to know you’re going to the best spots.
Hint: Look out for the “Tips” section in the review… this is where you’ll get info like “it’s valet only so bring cash, lunch not served until 2pm, live music on Tuesday nights, etc.”
We love Yelp. And we see it as a give-take relationship. I know there are some of you out there who turn to Yelp but don’t post your own reviews – tisk tisk. It’s easy (once you get the hang of it), it’s free & it’s fun. Plus, the iPhone app let’s you add photos and tips on the go.  
Quite the Yelper, Danny has established his own Trifecta Rating System and takes the average of his ratings of the Food, Service & Ambiance… See his reviews here. Or my photos & reviews here.
Happy Yelping!
— Danny & Teri
Yelp Elite Members ’10*
*we’re pretty fancy (nerdy), we were nominated to headquarters as “Elite” yelpers.


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