Well, I’m glad we hung-up on the airlines when we were about to cancel our flights last night because…. we’re saying aloha!

Syd’s AIHA prodedure went great, everyone at the office was playing with her and her spunky self is shining through! Grandpa Schramm (my dad) has arrived to watch the grandpigs around-the-clock while we’re gone and we can leave knowing that Huntie and Syd are in the best possible hands while we’re away. A thousand thanks Dad for flying out to be with the kids – means a lot!  Grandpa’s here! Grandpa’s here! Check out Syd’s purple camo wrap! 

So…. we’re off to Maui to celebrate Our First Wedding Anniversary and my 27th Birthday

We spent our honeymoon exploring Europe so we decided to shift gears and do something easy, relaxing and tropical for our first anniversary. It’s been a busy few months and we really don’t have anything planned and we’re thrilled to just go with the flow and relax in Wailea. We’re hoping to get in lots of snorkeling, exploring in the Jeep, hiking (ummm, D bought me these hiking water shoes. jealous?) and catching up over lots of fruity, tropical cocktails with umbrellas in them.

our home for the next week


  • Reply September 2, 2010


    I want a mobile upload of those shoes!!!! What in the world do you wear with that? Glad baby Syd is doing great. Papa Schramm to the rescue! Have fun! xo

  • Reply September 2, 2010

    Erica Newton

    ahhhh sooo jealous! And so happy about Syd’s journey to recovery! Yay, she is one fighter of a pig! Your dad is awesome- the “grandpigs” – cracks me up. Have fun- and cant wait to hear all about your time in Hawaii!!

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