first day of school.

For a while now, Danny and I have talked about putting Hunter in “Paw Play” a couple days a week to help with his social anxiety. He’s a super sweet boy and loves to play but he can get a little too excited when he sees other dogs, cats, birds, humans, cars (basically anything that moves) in public which results in an incredibly embarrassing squeal. 
All things considered, now seemed like the perfect time to start his “Paw Play” to break-up his alone time during the work week.
This morning was Hunter’s first day of Kindergarten (what we’re calling it. after all, he’s almost five). I was super nervous and praying he would be on his best behavior – and he was! D and I were joking this morning that we were going to get the call, “Hi Teri, Can you please come pick up Hunter? Yeah, this isn’t working out.” (kidding. kind of.) We’re doing a trial “mini session” today and assuming all goes well, Huntie will get to be part of “pack play” on Tuesdays and Thursdays… I’ll drop-off, dad will pick-up. No call yet… we’re sure he’s loving it.
{First day of school. Dad was racing out the door and Hunter was mid-meal but mom insisted on a photo. Don’t they both look thrilled?}
In preparation for the big first day, Hunter had to have a nutritious meal – but this wasn’t it. Check out the amazing dinner Danny made for us last night. Marinated, grilled tuna steaks, sauteed green beans & onions plus homemade jasmine rice. Yum. Yum. Yum.
{um, mom. can i please have a bite?}


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