life and loss.

The past couple months we’ve been hit hard by the reality that death is a part of life. It sucks. It’s hard. And there never seems to be a good explanation – especially lately. Each death has hit close to home and all the lives have been taken way too soon… Erica’s wonderful mom, our little Sydney baby, a close friend of Jared’s, and this morning we’re attending a memorial after a tragic and unexpected loss of Danny’s friend and co-worker, a young & healthy husband and father of three.

We have a hard time with death. The unknown of it. The unexpectedness and feeling of helplessness of the situation. The why us? Why them? The what if’s? The pain thinking about the families left behind. The waves of emotion… first the shock and pain and then the sadness as things slow down and the reality of the loss sets in. I keep telling Danny that I wish the “gig was up” and we could just have Syd back now. 

As we sit and think about all these losses we try to find peace in them. But how? The old “everything happens for a reason” explanation just doesn’t cut it lately. For us, each loss has encouraged us to take a good look at our life and we encourage you to do the same. More than ever before, we truly believe that life is a gift and it can end at any time without any forewarning – so live it up.

Stop waiting to live your life. Go give your loved ones a hug. Let go of the grudges you’re holding. Book that vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Splurge and have dessert tonight. Go surprise an old friend or relative with a visit. Dance. Avoid unnecessary stresses. Don’t take your work home with you. Spend your bonus check on something fun. Make time for your hobbies and the things you love. Laugh. Focus on good.

Lately, none of this sounds cliche anymore.


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