old fashioned etiquette.

I’m not the most formal or traditional person but there are some “old fashioned” things that I will never give up…. reading a book and using a bookmark (you won’t find me with a Kindle or reading a novel on an iPad), going to movie theaters to laugh and cry with complete strangers, and most of all, sending snail mail cards, postcards and thank you notes. I love sending (and receiving) mail. It’s so simple yet so personal.

While Danny was doing this last weekend, I wrapped gifts and wrote thank you cards which prompted me to share a useful tip I learned from our wedding calligrapher. This will be specifically helpful to all the brides out there, but is a good, simple etiquette tip for anyone… especially with the holidays right around the corner.
Ever wondered if it’s Teri and Danny Bockting or Danny and Teri Bockting? Well, here’s the answer. Never separate the man’s first name from his last name (another way to think of it is ladies first). So it should always be: 
Teri and Danny Bockting 
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Bockting 
Happy Letter Writing! 
{perfect example: our parent’s names on our wedding invitation}


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