remembering sydney.

Our sweet little Sydney peacefully passed away on September 8th.

For the past 10 weeks she fought a tough battle, but in the end it was just too much for her little body to handle and she just couldn’t hold on any longer. 
We genuinely believed she’d pull through. We are heartbroken, and just not for us, but for Hunter who’s lost his best friend and for our baby girl who had to go through so much at such a young age. Our hearts are heavy as we try to focus on the wonderful three and a half years we had with our special blond frenchie. Her larger-than-life personality and spunky attitude brought everyone around her tremendous amounts of laughs and joy. I recently heard this quote and think it perfectly applies to Syd… “those who burn twice as bright, burn half as long.”

My dad was with us and provided tons of comfort during this difficult time. He believes Syd’s short but full life was to serve as a reminder that life is truly precious and we must live our lives to the fullest. We must take photos and videos with friends, family members and loved ones when we’re with them because there isn’t a guaranteed next time. We’re reminded to capture and cherish even ordinary days and moments. Syd reminds us to never take a healthy day for granted. We must hug, kiss, cuddle, spoil and reach out to our loved ones every day we can. We must live for the now and realize that later is a blessing. 

During our final goodbyes, we promised our Baby Tank that even if it makes us sad, we’ll never stop talking about her and remembering all the little things we loved about her. That includes the blog… I’ve tagged this as the first “Remembering Our Syd” post and plan to keep them coming (even though they sting right now). 
Just 10 weeks ago, we wrote this post about our Sweet Sydney’s favorite things and our favorite things about her. Reading it now makes us laugh, cry and so glad that we have these memories and hundreds more all captured in photographs and videos. 
We can’t thank everyone enough for the prayers, love and support for Sydney and our family. The phone calls, text messages, e-mails and hugs mean a lot. To Dr. Bracken, Dr. Rosonke and Dr. Hoffman – thank you for being there for us and Syd around the clock. We know each of you formed a bond with our special little girl and did everything you could for her.

Sydney, thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness to our family.  We love you more than you know and you’ll always be a part of our family and hold a special place in our hearts.  We will never forget you.
Dad, Mom & Brother

…remembering sydney lyddle…
january 23, 2007 – september 8, 2010

{her favorite sitting position. our lil hamlet}

{just another sunday morning spooning her big brother}

{san diego for our engagement photos. she was soooo cold}

{with daddy at grandma & grandpa bockting’s house}

{mother’s day 2010}

{do you think my ears look big?}

{happy puppy girl in 2007}

{she looooved giving kisses aka sneak attacks…}
{…and we loved giving them right back to her}
{sydney’s favorite toy – squeaky alien}

{the heart tag we had designed for her}

{batman & robin. best friends}

{syd’s AYSO soccer photo. her favorite yellow ball}

{lil bunny rabbit naptime after a long day hiking in pinetop}

{her first halloween … little fairy princess}

{it was love at first sight with her and daddy}

{our teeny, tiny piglet}

{best friends on a mission}

{silly girl. so drama.}
{do you like my scarf mom?}

{her piglet we brought back from our honeymoon in london}

{big head, little head}

{loved to cuddle with her dad. hugging him so tightly}

{always a huge help with housework}

{summer sunning on the patio with mom}

{guess she’s good for a headrest}
{daddy’s little angel}

{french kissers}

{“the raft” where d & i swapped off sleeping with her while she was ill}

{daddy’s little piglets}

{hunter showing his lil sister about his favorite spot – top step}

{she’s soooo tired}
{our perfect lil walker. loved her neighborhood walks with mom}
We Love & Miss You Terribly, Syd!


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    Reply September 10, 2010


    “We must hug, kiss, cuddle, spoil and reach out to our loved ones every day we can.” Well said. Let’s call this Syd’s mantra. Whenever we have bad days, we’ll remember these words and the vibrant spark she brought to our lives. We miss her too. Stay strong, tings. We are here for you, if you need anything. Give Hunty a hug and kiss for us. xoxo

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    Reply September 10, 2010

    Rachel + Mikis

    Oh my gosh Teri, I can’t even begin to imagine what you guys are going through. I never even met little Sydney and this post has me in tears at my desk. Your perseverance and love for your little one is beautifully illustrated in these photos and this post. Not only were you lucky to have her in your life, but she was so lucky to have an amazing family in hers. Her life in terms of years may have been short, but I am sure the last 3 ½ years were incredible for her. Thinking of you during this incredibly rough time.


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    Reply September 10, 2010

    La La

    oh where to begin. pretty choked up here; not gonna lie. sydney is the luckiest tank in the world and she will remain in your hearts FOREVER, especially hunter’s. her life was full of countless cuddles, power walks, alien time, kisses, belly rubs, jelly beans, modeling sessions (she even made the electric love cut) and most importantly, LOVE. her life was full of so much of that precious love that only the bockting and schramm families were meant to provide. she touched my heart deeply… that’s for sure. i’ll never forget our special weekend together while mom and dad were away and she pulled a fast prank on me in the guest bedroom with a sneaky poop drop or two. and i thought it was a rat or a cat that snuck in! that’s just it though… her personality consistenly shined and brought smiles to a lot of our faces, and warmed our hearts, and for that – she will be missed greatly and i personally feel blessed to have spent that past three years getting to know your daughter. especially that last good cuddle session i just squeezed in about two weeks ago. priceless. i love you all so much and aunt chilada will always be here for you. xoxoxo

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    Reply September 12, 2010

    Chris Taylor

    Sorry to hear ’bout Syd. I just heard last night. Hope you all are hanging in there. It’s amazing how much they touch your heart. Love y’all.