the syd’s vids collection.

Thankfully, we have quite a few fun videos starring Miss Sydney. She was our little ham and such a drama queen. Here are some of our favorites… Hopefully they’ll make you smile. Happy Friday.
Syd was obsessed with tape measures, sticks and wrapping paper tubes. She’d go nuts for them. This video is of her, Uncle Quinnster and her beloved tape measure. She felt SOOO cool after her third jump.
Our pouty pants. She hated the rain, wet grass or anything that would make her dirty…. including snow. So drama and clearly not happy with her daddy at the end. You can just hear the attitude in her snorts!
Danny and I came home from dinner one night to find that Hunter and Sydney decided to play “Tattoo Parlour” with a blue ink pen… the aftermath caught on tape. Straight to the bathtub, nerds!
Teeny, tiny little firecracker. Even as a five pound puppy (she was 3lbs when we got her) she already knew how to pester her big brother. Little did we all know, one day she’d be bigger than her brother.
Over the years, playing/pig wrestling changed a bit as she became the Baby Tank. Syd was kinda like a Sour Patch Kid candy – super sweet but a little sour and loved to scrap. Queen of the “stink eye,” she knew exactly how to annoy her big brother. We loved watching them play. Hunter would always roll on his back and Syd would go for the ankles.
Syd was very much like her mom… she wasn’t exactly a nature girl but she’d try with some encouragement. A couple videos of her hiking… and her very calculated steps and jumps to avoid the water at all costs. Little lady hating getting her fur wet.
{at about 1-minute in, she takes a giant leap to avoid the water}
{at 40-seconds she makes a jump that scares her dad. At the end, she sees the route includes water and makes a quick u-turn. later, dad!}
Little Miss was a true girl. When she was in a mood – you knew. In this short video clip she was clearly annoyed, did not want mom taping her and was ready to let everyone know how she felt!

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