jared turns twenty-nine.

Oh boy, oh boy – Jared is the big 2-9 today.

Where would I even begin? The day I met Danny I also met Jared and little did I know that I’d just met my future husband and new big brother. Jared and I are similar in a lot of ways which is probably why Danny likes us both so much but also why Jared and I tend to bicker (usually lovingly). I love the relationship Jared and Danny have, that Jared and I have and the friendship the three of us have. There isn’t a day that goes by that one of us doesn’t talk, text or e-mail.

J-Rod, we hope you have a fantastic birthday. I’d remind you to celebrate the last of your 20’s in a big way – but I think that’s a given. You live life to the fullest and we love that about you.

Wisely, you’ve been extra nice to me lately so the birthday photos will stay PC. I’m so glad for the tremendous amounts of memories, travels, and milestones we’ve already celebrated together and there’s no doubt we have millions more in our future (pending my approval of your future wife.  that goes for you too Quinn). 

{yes, that’s real}

 {beer pong team. it’s usually better if we’re on the same team}
{yeah! yeah! yeah! in indio}

 {two of my faves}
 {creepy lake tahoe tourist}
 {beachside in seaside, florida}

 {no, no.. you’re not the fifth wheel}
 {annual memorial day weekend trip to coronado island, san diego}
 {so young. the boys in 2004}
 {dirtbags. homecoming 2004}

in your words, happy day of birth!

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  • Reply November 2, 2010

    Erica Newton

    WOW!! By far one of the best birthday blog posts! Jared is clearly loved by the Bocktings! Such fun memories.. wow, feeling old!

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