save the wine.

Danny drinks beer. I prefer wine. ¬†Sometimes I just want a glass but bottles of wine are meant to share. So often times we’re dumping half empty bottles of wine down the drain which makes everyone unhappy.

During a recent trip to Sportsman’s, a guy told Danny about this wine preserver that restaurants use.

It’s great! You spray four quick puffs into your bottle, cork it and store upright and your wine lasts way longer… about 10 days for white and six for reds. It’s about $10 a bottle for 120 uses. Plus, it’s 100% natural.

…waste wine no more…¬†

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  • Reply October 20, 2010

    Erica Newton

    awesome!!! This is so cool! OR… there is always boxed wine! .. Im just saying… The Black Box (hold 4 bottles of wine) and saves for ever! hahha…

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