I really try to avoid using the term “TGIF” but I can’t help it this week. It’s exactly how I (we) feel today. 
But, instead of recapping and documenting all of this week’s moments that have made me want to scream “TGIF” from the rooftops today, let’s focus on the things we did “TG” for this week…

good friends who always have your back – you know who you are. 
a surprise package in the mail. 
alex randomly stopping by for a glass of wine. 
a new, yummy & healthy chicken taco recipe.
the iPhone 4 (thanks, love).
a lifelong mentor and their advice. 
a sweet e-mail from carlye that came at just the right moment.
parents who love watching our Hunterman for us.
hearing that a favorite band of ours is coming to town this month.
discovering dad’s leftover ice cream bars in the freezer.
sushi happy hour & the morning dew roll.
jared telling us he’s coming to visit sometime soon.
seeing our wedding video clips for the first time.
compassion and hugs.
funny TV shows like Modern Family & Glee. 
…happy friday…
love, the tings 

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  • Reply October 3, 2010


    This made me laugh. “discovering dad’s leftover ice cream bars in the freezer.”

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