a hunterman update.

Hunterman is home from his teeth cleaning and nose surgery and doing just fine. He weighed in at a whopping 31-pounds and passed his EKG and blood work with flying colors. They did have to remove two rotten front teeth so we now have a French Hillbilly. Ha!

We were surprised at how much bigger they made his nostrils. We were thinking just a few little slits but he got a full on nose job and actually looks a little different! Excited to test out his new breathing abilities but that will have to wait. He’s gotta stay mellow for the next few days to avoid ripping his stitches which means … Le Cone while we’re not home.

It only seems fair that we post photos of Huntie wearing Le Cone just as we did of Miss Syd wearing it here. The Baby Tank was much better at this. Luckily for Huntie, we don’t like cones so as long as he leaves his snout alone he doesn’t have to wear it.

 If he keeps losing teeth, his tongue is gonna permanently hang out like that. 
 “Mom. Seriously, I kinda hate you right now. This better not go on the blog.”
 “Does this cone make me look fat?”
“You’re ruining my bad boy Bulldog image, mom.”
Post-surgery cuddle. My little mamma’s boy.

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