diy necklace boards.

Last weekend, I was in the mood for a DIY (do it yourself) project. My necklaces tend to be a big tangled mess or hidden in jewelry boxes and therefore they rarely get worn. So I decided to turn a couple frames into functional, shabby decor (luckily my husband doesn’t mind a super girly bedroom). It was a fun & easy weekend project that resulted in new wall art above my dresser plus an organized & easily accessible necklace collection.

corkboard and/or frame + cork*
fabric, scrapbook or wrapping paper
pushpins and/or tacks
hot glue gun + glue
*Tip: Hate that piece of art you once thought was cool? Get rid of the print and paint the frame. Or, check garage sales & antique stores for cheap, old artwork in cool frames. Check craft stores like Michaels for empty wooden frames. Usually on-sale and lots of styles to choose from. And cork is cheap!
…the steps…
step one.
paint corkboard or frame desired color.

step two. 
if just a frame, cut & staple cork (can be bought at any craft store) into frame.

step three. 
cover cork with fabric, scrapbook or wrapping paper of your choosing.

step four. 
remove backs of buttons with pliers.
(refer to this diy post for tips on finding inexpensive buttons)
step five.
use a hot glue gun to attach buttons to tacs and pins

step six. 
dangle necklaces from the new button pins & hang your corkboard on the wall.

If you’re more of an earring girl, consider chicken wire in an open frame for an earring organizer.
Lots of options… get creative and have fun with it. Nothing has to be matchy-matchy. 


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    Reply November 12, 2010

    Rachel + Mikis

    OMG, I LOVE this idea and look. Teri you are so crafty and everything you make turns out beautifully! This would be perfect for an extra girly walk in closet or bathroom. Great job!

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    Reply November 14, 2010

    Teri and Danny B.

    Thanks, Rachel! A walk-in closet or bathroom would be the perfect spot. Our 1950’s home doesn’t have a big version or either so the wall will have to do. It’s a fun project that could be done to suit any taste.

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    Reply September 23, 2011


    kelsey needs this dresser. give it up, T! :)

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