how do you say 30 in australian?

Happy Birthday DANimal! You’re our favorite Aussie and we hope you have a super special day. We’ve only got a handful of years under our friendship belt but we’ve crammed in a lotIn fact, some of the best days ever have been spent together and I predict there are more massive dance parties in our future. If there’s a will there’s a way, right?

So I know the birthday kid gets to make the wishes, but my wish for you is that you, Shmiz & Dyll Bug keep a US zip code for at least another year. Can you throw that one in when you blow out the candles tonight? K, thanks.

I know Shmercat has awesome plans for the big 3-0… it’s gonna be a big night out and we wish we were there to dance all night long to the Bloody Beetroots with you crazy kids. Maybe you can get on stage and DJ a bit?

Promise to replicate this killer dance move from The Bloody Beetroots set, Sahara Tent 2009. Watch Dan!

{some of our favorite memories from our first australia trip in 2007}

{what would coachella be without the dancin’ dans & original foursome?}

holy smokes we’ve had some fun together!
see you in 71 days!


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