hunter gets denchers & a nose job.

Well, not really. But he’s with Dr. B today for a teeth cleaning and to have a little surgery done on his nose.

For many reasons, we weren’t thrilled about having a teeth cleaning done just to do it. Dogs have to be given anesthesia for a teeth cleaning and we know all too well that things can happen during procedures so we try to avoid anesthesia at all costs. But, Hunter recently lost a tooth and we noticed another two are loose so we had Dr. B take a look and sure enough he’s got some issues with his grill. Frenchies have super squished teeth thanks to their (adorable) smashed faces so it’s not shocking that after five years he was due for some dental work.

So while he’s under for his cleaning, we decided to also have Dr. B do “a nose job” to help with his breathing. It’s not very invasive and the results have been tremendous for flat-faced breeds. We explored a few options (including pallet trimming) and decided this was the best. They’re basically going to make his nostril holes bigger. (Put your index & middle finger over your nostrils and try to breathe in – hard, right? That’s how each breath is for Huntie). He’s in great shape but we have to avoid lots of activity simply because he can’t catch his breath. Hopefully this surgery means longer walks and more play time in his future. Although, this week means zero Paw Play time to recuperate (and he’s not happy about that).

Hunterman, say cheeeese! I love this photo of him – he was such a youngster.
wonder if the decibel level of the snoring will go down post-surgery? 
in case you’ve never had the pleasure of a frenchie in your bed (it’s louder in real life)…
think good thoughts for our little man.


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