jacob & jayden.

One of the best parts of being at home in California is spending time with our niece Jayden and nephew Jacob.

Jacob was born when I was in high school so in some ways we’ve grown up together. Uncle Danny met Jakey when he was just a toddler so the three of us have always been buddies. It’s nuts to think the little guy is an 11-year-old middle school tween. During Thanksgiving dinner, Grandpa had us go around the table and give Jacob some advice for middle school & high school. It was entertaining to hear each generation’s words of wisdom.

And then there’s Miss Jayden… between the terrible twos and the fact that we’re long distance relatives, it always took a while for her to warm up to us – until this trip! Now three and a half, the terrible twos are behind us and it was a blast to spend time with the little princess. We were instantly friends – she’s smart, witty, absolutely adorable, completely girly and a ham for the camera.

{miss jayden}

{jacob, the tween}


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