my morning sights.

Each morning I wake up to two cuddly, snoring men and I couldn’t love it more. Yes, our dogs sleep with us. Before we got Hunter Danny proclaimed, “dogs will not sleep in the bed or be allowed on the couch” – oh how quickly that changed… now Hunter’s usually the first in bed to claim a good spot. We love a good Frenchie cuddle.

I never know what morning position I’ll find Hunter in but it’s always guaranteed to be comical since he thinks he’s a human and prefers to use a pillow and covers. I love it. It never gets old and I always sneak a camera phone photo.

{loooooves a morning stretch. mom! why are you waking me up?}

{our past sweet morning sights with miss sydney & hunter taking over the bed}
i’m a lucky girl.

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    Reply November 15, 2010


    Girl, I just love this post! And all this time, I thought Luna was the only one! You do a great job with this blog, it makes me smile everytime I read it. ~Kim

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