signs of sydney.

The past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about Sydney. My girlfriend Jenny put the biggest smile on my face when she told me that Miss Puss was a major topic of conversation with her and Carlye over a recent dinner. The same day I found one of her old toys tucked under couch. And all week I’ve seen random photos of Frenchies on blogs that aren’t about dogs. She just seems to be very present.

I mentioned this to Danny last night, he looked at me and said me too. I told him that I had a mini cry at work and he said that he too welled up when a song came on and it triggered a thought about her. It’s funny how the waves of emotion come at go without warning and that they come for us simultaneously. I’m not religious by any means, but consider myself to be very spiritual and I know in my heart this isn’t a coincidental fluke. Is she reaching out? Letting us know she’s here? Maybe. I hope so.

As much as it hurts, I’m glad for the waves of emotion. It’s a strange sense of comfort for me. It’s hard to explain but I’m sure anyone who’s lost someone very dear to them can relate. It’s only been two months but we’ve made good on our promise to her so far… we talk about her often, usually in “her voice” which makes us smile.

Just again this morning, I was browsing one of my favorite photography blogs, Feather Love Photography, and bumped into this photo. I mean, could she be any cuter? Looking back, I wish Huntie & Syd were at our wedding.

And yesterday, I was looking through another photographer’s website Luna Photo and saw this photo from an engagement shoot. Of course the Frenchie who just happened to be walking by caught my eye.

Call it what you want. Maybe I’m just looking for signs but I’m choosing to believe it’s bigger than that. 
And anyone who says, “it’s just a dog” – just doesn’t get it.


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