thanksgiving :: take two.

Right when everyone else was finally recovering from Thursday’s massive feast – we were doing it all over again. On Saturday, Tricia and Earl hosted us for a Bockting Thanksgiving… ham, green bean casserole, rolls, mashed potatoes, turkey faux gravy, yams, pies and more. Meme came up from Tucson so us girls talked babies and things while Danny and Earl took on the Middle East via Playstation. Danny was like a kid in the candy store with the video game. There’s no way I could live with a gammer. One day was enough. 
Oh! The day started with me circling the airport for 30-minutes looking for a cellphone-less Meme. I finally decided to track down a security guard to help me find “my lost grandma” which went something like this… 
Me: Hi Security guard on a Segway, I’m looking for my Grandma. She doesn’t have a cell phone.
Him: Can you describe her? 
Me: A little old lady with gray hair and lots of jewelery. 
Him: Okay, you stay here and I’ll look around and try to find her. 
MeMe: Hi Teri, I wasn’t lost – I knew where I was the whole time! Ha.  

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