christmas morning at the bocktings.

Santa brought Christmas early to the Bocktings this year. We woke up in Tucson on Saturday, December 18 to a proper Christmas morning with Danny’s family. It was a really fun day from start to finish.
...Bockting Christmas 2010
lots of coffee & cinnamon rolls.
fascinating reflector lights in the stockings. 
cuticle pusher? no, it’s an orange peeler.
lots of Taboo. three teams, two rounds, 1 winning team (teri & earl) and 1/2 a bottle of vodka.
classic christmas movies. home alone. elf. miracle on 34th street.
homemade paella put teamwork to the test.
a can of Four Loko. 
french bulldog vs. boston terrier scrap.
a new laptop, lots of sheets, a family calendar, wedding albums, artwork, lap desks and lots of apple giftcards.
pajamas alllll day.
mexican cornbread. apple pie. triple berry pie. lots of dish washing.
peanut butter almond and chocolate chowmein noodles.
{christmas morning}
{henry and buddy}

{much needed new luggage. we’ve been dragging around the “ciao bags” for years. danny can’t wait to blow them up}

{happy camper}

{doggie corona for huntie from his cousins. like father like son}
{protecting his beer from buddy – the dog who can destroy anything in seconds}
{it’s not often b-joe is intimidated by a machine. welcome to laptop world. time for an e-mail address}

{Grandma Peggy’s famous Cheeze-It tradition} 

{vicky & joe’s new tucson alphabet. designed & signed by a local tucson artist. notice me on the left already tearing into a bag of Cheeze-Its. Embarrassing.} 

{next year we’ll have a little girl on Christmas morning! yay.} 

{the ExerSaucer for the exercisers. with parents like these, baby montgomery is going to be one fit kid} 

{checking out tricia & earl’s new lounge chairs} 

{i was very excited about the sonic jewelry cleaning machine}
 {there’s no such thing as too many Apple giftcards}

{b-joe man checking out his 2011 bockting family calendar} 

{pretty packages & bags}
{outta my way mom.. i’m on the move}

{the official ribbon collector & tissue paper folder}

{the only safe bet for a grandma peggy gift is photos}

{“if mommy says no, ask grandma”} 

{just what earl always wanted… a portable wine chiller.} 

{tricia opening her adorable hospital outfit for the arrival of Baby M.} 

{loving his new UA glass. complete with the lyrics to “Bear Down” on the back} 

{the girls checking out vicky & joe’s wedding album} 

{needy little man wanting to get in on the action with meme}

{christmas day & night}

{the ladies spent lots of time in the kitchen}
{danny was recruited for shrimp de-shelling duty}

{big e shows up with a four loko. probably best to not read the ingredients. meme wouldn’t try it}

{cheers to watermelon flavored, caffeine and alcohol infused ethanol}

{vicky’s pretty christmas table}

{the paella and all its delicious glory}

{what Grandmas are good at – tight face squeezes and kisses}

{homemade apple pic & triple berry pie. that’s my lattice crust work – just saying}

{our little awkward henry getting some love from grandma vicky}

{hello, hunter. i didn’t know you’d be joining us for dinner. i should have assumed since you’re human and all}

{gotta make room for a high chair next year}

{it’s Taboo game time}

{tricia, her babies & her belly}

{the danny & vicky team – earl on buzzer}

{taking home the gold}


  • Reply December 21, 2010

    Rachel + Mikis

    Looks like the Bockting Christmas was perfect, filled with fun, family and love!

    p.s. LOVE huntie’s doggie corona, too cute!

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