deck the halls.

Our perfect lil tree is trimmed. 
 It’s funny how our tree and it’s ornaments are kinda like us… a mix of old and new, a lil quirky and a lot sentimental, completely random yet coordinating, and it’s inevitably a little bit different each year.
…we love…
Our round white lights (so much so I was tempted to leave her “natural” with just lights)
Hunter and Sydney’s personalized ornaments from each of their first Christmas.
The most ridiculous, beaded, sequined, sparkly giant fish ornament from 
Lisa to commemorate the year Danny and I spent Christmas in Fiji and Australia.
Our tree skirt made with love by Meme that we received our first married Christmas.
Our new black and white Frenchie ornament from a girlfriend.
My collection of gifted Christmas flamingos.
The keepsake ornaments from Vicky for our first home… engagement… wedding year.
The leaf ornament’s significance of us getting married under a giant tree.
It’s official – ornaments with meaning are the best.  
How fun to think I’ll be trimming trees for years to come with these same ornaments?!

{packages! packages! packages!}

{new this year… how fabulous is this frenchie? thanks, amy!}

{our lil girl’s ornament is hung right up front}

{one of my few festive flamingos. love}

{the most fabulous fish ornament, love lisa steichen}

{the second the tree goes up, i must to have gifts under it}
{our leaf. we got married under a big old tree.} 

{our 2009 wedding cake keepsake ornament, love vicky}
{looking from the outside in}

{jason haunkwaundo – this one is for you. you’re on the other end of that  phone call}


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