happy 5th birthday, hunterman.

we’re in california this week, so we celebrated early with our little man. doesn’t he just look so excited to be in a hat? we love you mr. man and wish you a very happy 5th birthday. we left a surprise with grandma & grandpa.

{doesn’t he look thrilled to be in his birthday hat?}

{hunter: “i’m going to destroy this hat in seconds. damn you stupid birthday hat”}
Birthday: December 28, 2005
aka :: Hunterman, Monster, Mr. Pants, Pants, Shark, H and Huntie.

.his favorite things.
rope toys.
going on walks.
treats, treats & more treats.
skateboarding with dad.
the top step of the pool.
the rooster rug at the kitchen sink.
mint flavored snacks.
splashing through water. swamping in irrigation.
rawhide bones.
tricks – pound left, pound right and double high five.
sleeping in.
perimeter runs.
acting as head of security. warning of us the mailman, trash truck, landscapers & sprinklers.
grandma & grandpa bockting’s compound.

our favorite things about him
how he’s instantly exhausted at bedtime. this is his way of letting us know that there’s absolutely no way he can leave the pillow in the bed that he’s curled up on.
how he lets out a big sigh and gives us major attitude when he’s not happy.
that sometimes, he’ll just sit and stare at mom and dad for a loooong time to let us know he loves us.
how patient and sweet he was to his annoying little sister. he (usually) let her win.
the way he protects us from semi trucks and motorcycles that get close to our car.
how much he loves going on walks. smells, smells, smells.
how excited he gets for walks and hikes.
his sweet face.

{the cutest lil face}

{danny’s favorite photo of him. this was one of the first photos we saw of him}

{love at first sight. i saw this photo, called danny and told him we found our dog}

{loves road trips. always in the middle}

{leaving pinetop after his first trip to the mountains. look at that sad face. so sweet}

{such a cute puppy. tired from helping mom move out of her apartment and in with dad}

{freckle pecker}

{del mar dog beach 2006}

{mama’s sweet boy}


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