let’s be real.

The past couple weeks I’ve been in a funk. A busy scheduled combined with the fact that I haven’t been feeling well (and am still trying to figure out what the heck is going on there) got the best of me. I didn’t feel like being fun, chatting, exercising… nothing. In fact, last week I got a voicemail from a girlfriend, “Um, Teri… Hello? I’m starting to think you’re mad at me because I haven’t heard from you in a while. Email? Text? Are you okay? Call me!”

It made me laugh and think. It reminded me that the best part about good friends is not having to worry about always being in a good mood for them. We tend to put pressure on ourselves to always be “on” – even with our good friends which is just silly. The fact is your friends would rather hear from you – even if it’s just to pout.  Think about it… after a friend calls you upset or needing advice have you ever said, “wow, that was really super annoying?” No! Chances are you’re so happy your friend did call to talk about it and you could probably relate. It feels good to know that your friends lean on you when they need to and I guarantee they’re happy to reciprocate when you’re blue.

So, the moral of the story – don’t be like me. Don’t hide from your friends when you’re not feeling 100%. They won’t hold it against you – promise. In fact, they’d probably be happy to know you’re human, have real feelings, issues and that your life isn’t perfect (because chances are, theirs isn’t either). I think it’s safe to say people relate much more to imperfection than perfection. Allowing yourself to be real and vulnerable can be a really good thing for a friendship. So the next time a friend says, “how are you?” and you’re not really feeling, “Great!” – don’t say you are. Be honest. They’ll understand and probably love you more for being real.

I’m happy to report that I’m rejuvenated and no longer lame and in hiding. In the past 24 hours I’ve caught up with girlfriends in DC, Texas, Chicago, Seattle, Florida and California and am feeling like myself again. I probably would have been feeling better a lot sooner if I would have just answered the phone – lesson learned.

always remember … girlfriends make everything better.
{thanks to all of you who listened to my crabby ass and made me laugh when I needed it most}
{college graduation in tucson, arizona}

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