my little audiophile.

Danny’s Black Friday purchase arrived yesterday and I think everyone in our neighborhood knows it.

I came home to find him with a giant box and a big grin on his face. The media console, couch and everything in our living room was being moved around to make way for the newest addition… a very large subwoofer. Danny proudly informed me that this system could, “blow the glass out of this place” and that “he didn’t even get the volume out of the negatives.” Neat.

Apparently the “tuning and programming” of the new “sub” required a decibel level equivalent to that of the Sahara Dance Tent at Coachella – aka ridiculously loud. An ordinary Wednesday night turned into a dance party for three at our place. I won’t be surprised if Huntie is partially deaf before Christmas.

He’s pleased so that makes me happy… even if I have to wear earplugs to watch movies now.

Think I’m exaggerating? Ask Colby, who I was trying to chat with during this – or watch listen to these videos.


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