the places we’ve been in 2010.

Happy New Year’s Eve! One of our annual holiday traditions is to sit back and reflect on everything we did and accomplished throughout the year. It’s often easy to focus on what you didn’t get done, didn’t do or achieve, so we find this little ritual really rewarding. 
We have a notebook and write everything down… vacations, promotions, personal wins – paying off credit cards, learning new skills, cooking more, etc. Nothing is too big or small. I encourage you to try it this year. I guarantee you did and accomplished more than you think. Talking about it and seeing it all in writing helps end the year on a high note and leaves us inspired to do even more next year. 
Because the blog is our family’s little online diary, I decided to visually recap the places we’ve been in 2010.

…and we’re currently in southern california for the last couple weeks of december…


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